Welcome in the digital age!

The digital age that we live in generates more and more information, for most of us this is quite a challenge to catch up with. We get more and more email; notifications and the expectations of other people seem to be increasing as well! The quality of email communication is getting worse while there are more burnouts than ever. How to deal with that?

Together with some experts in the field I developed several courses for the “Email Efficiency Booster” including this training. These courses can be followed online and booked on-site at your office:

  • Sending Efficient Emails - Email as an expert to get faster, better and fewer responses by using email etiquettes
  • Save half an hour per day - Setup your email environment in a productive and action-oriented way to save a lot of time
  • Optimal use of Outlook (customized) - Collaborate your email with tasks, calendar and smartphone to work smarter with your todo

I hope you enjoy the course!

Michael (Giel) Boes

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